Judy Barsamian-Armstrong – CEO (Black Ty Brewing Co./Champagne Shotz™ )

Judy has been a local resident of SLO County since the early 1990’s. I am the successful CEO of a local San Luis Obispo, CA, business for the last 10 years. I am proud to be honored as Becker’s 132 Top Administrators To Know 2015.

As a nurse for more than 30 years and someone with Systemic Lupus for the past 20 years, I understand how important life is and how important freedom of choice is. I wanted to create a great tasting, versatile syrup mixer that had multiple uses for cooking, baking, creating flavorful cocktails & craft soda.

Our unique champagne mixers have about 25 calories, 3G of sugar, 3G total carbs & no sodium. Our delicious mixers are made with REAL fruit & best of all, those who search for gluten-free products are in luck as our products are 100% Gluten Free.

While working with my husband (Ty) in my downtime from work over the past few years, we created six unique champagne flavor combinations: The Sunrize Mojito, Passion Island, Velveteen Red Berry, White Bellini, Tropical Hibiscus, & Blue Raspberry.

Simply mix .5oz of our mixers to 5.5oz champagne in a 6oz flute, stir and enjoy. One 25oz bottle will yield up to (50) three cent servings.


Simply add 1/4oz of our mixer in a 1oz shot glass or 1oz plastic cup, top off with any champagne, quickly pop it into your mouth, and you have what we call “A Champagne Shotz®!”

We are a local start-up company here in San Luis Obispo, CA, and our goal is to have our champagne mixers available to Retailers, Restaurants, Resorts & Bars in the next 4 years! I work very hard at my job as a CEO and my husband (Ty) and I work just as hard with our business, as we want all Americans to have freedom of choice as well.

A portion of our sales are donated to The Lupus Foundation of America. –
Lupus Foundation Of America

Ty (Black Ty) Armstrong Sr – (CDO/President) – Black Ty Brewing Company

Ty has been involved in the human services field in the San Luis Obispo, CA area for 30+ years, and has been brewing flavorful Craft Beers and Specialty Teas for 20 + Years, and now has created unique, versatile syrup mixers. Mr. Armstrong boast to be first in the world to create a unique & delicious beverage called “Candybeer”.

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