Sunrize Mojito – Delicious Citrus Flavors Of Tangerine, Blood Orange, Lime, Hint Of Mint


These simple box cakes are too good to be true! Just two ingredients for the cake and a container of frosting for the glaze and in less than 30-45 minutes you’ll have a amazing tasting cake ready to enjoy!

First up are these incredibly easy and delicious 2-Ingredient store-bought Box Cake mix with a 1-Ingredient store-bought whipped frosting. They’re too good to be true! This recipe is for my semi-homemade, fear of frying, need something quick & easy but still want it to taste amazing, box cake lovers out there. You’re gonna love our amazing Sunrize Mojito Box-Made Cake!
Then stay tuned for some box-made, sunrise mojito cake recipe that is super easy and can be ready to enjoy in just 30-45 minutes. Once again, too good to be true!

Okay, back to these 2-Ingredient box-made mojito cake… How can that be??, you might be asking. This is actually made with a box-cake mix and one other ingredient mixed in. I don’t use cake mixes often because I love baking from scratch, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a cake mix every once in a while to make life easier & to mix things up.
So when I got this idea in my head to make this with a box-cake mix and our unique Sunrize Mojito Secret Baking Syrup mixed in, I ran with it and I love how they turned out!

Wanta Know The Secret?: The options are plentiful when it comes to picking a flavor for our delicious sunrize mojito cake. Just take your favorite box-cake mix and substitute the 1.1/4 cups of water with 1.1/4 cups of our Black Ty Secret Baking Passion Island Passion Fruit Syrup.

1 Min Store-Bought Whipped Frosting Recipe: And you’ll never believe it, but the frosting is just whipped store-bought. Just add about ¼ cup of our passion fruit secret baking syrup to any can of store-bought whipped frosting, it works so perfectly for baked cake donuts. I was literally doing the happy dance when this little idea of mine worked so well. Add sprinkles if you like!
The baked cake donuts are moist, soft and cakey and the sweet passion fruit whipped frosting coats and compliments them perfectly. Oh my yum!

Your prabally saying to yourself “Where Can I Buy It?”
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