Introducing Champagne Shotz™

Deliciously Dangerous!

Today we launched our latest cocktail creation, “Champagne Shotz®.” It’s a (1) ounce champagne enhancer, artisanally crafted with real fruit & natural fruit flavors, (25 calories), (3 grams of sugar), (3 total carbs), (no sodium), and (100% gluten free). Simply add about a quarter (¼) ounce champagne mixer into a (1) ounce shot glass or (1) ounce plastic cup, top off with any champagne, and pop shot the fun!

Black Ty Brewing Co., owner (Ty Armstrong Sr,) says the inspiration came from an event. The day before a local Wine Festival, Ty & his wife (Judy Barsamian-Armstrong) needed cups to pour their champagne mixers into, we didn’t want to use 3, 4, or 5 ounce cups because of the Champagne expense, so Judy went to the store and purchased these 1 ounce plastic cups. We simply added 1/4 ounce of our delicious mixer flavor into the small plastic cup, topped it off with champagne, & quickly pop it down the hatch. And “Champagne Shotz®” was born.

And stay tuned. This is just the beginning.